I can’t believe that UE doesn’t support using a joystick, but I can’t find anything on the subject anywhere. I have no idea how to set up the controls for my joystick (T.flight Hotus one). Can some one point me to something somewhere on this? I found two threads from 7 years ago, but none of that was useful.

There’s also a joystick plugin on the market place, but it only supports up to 4.19 and the comments there say that it does NOT work on anything after 4.19.


Raw Input:

Used it only once with a funky gamepad and it was OK, somewhat cumbersome to set up, though.

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Much appreciated. I’m looking forward to checking that out when I get home today.

Well, it works. A bit cumbersome to set up, but it works. The primary problem has nothing to do with the raw input, but with UE’s inability to return a float to zero. You always end up with 0.002834 or some such, but I can work around that.

Again, thanks for the information. It solved my issue.

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