Joystick touch interface blocks when combined with UMG


I am using 4.4 update preview, just did some tests with UMG and noticed something.
I know UMG is marked experimental, Epic did say it’s not 100% done, and I am not using it in production, I just thought this might interest you (maybe you already know). So here goes:

I added a joystick touch interface and a widget containing some buttons and a border:
This is the widged hierarchy:

And this is how it looks in play mode:

This is running on a iPhone5. Now here is the problem:

If I move the joystick up and then, without releasing the joystick, press one of the buttons and then, while holding down the button, release the joystick, the joystick does not return to the original position, just stays there, like in the image.
Now, the white square is a border, and as you know, the border can also have events for pressed and released, kinda like a button. But with the border, the problem described above, does not replicate.

Hope this helps, I really like UMG so far. :slight_smile:

Howdy Titirez5,

Thank you for your bug report. Just a couple of question before If further investigate your issue. What OS version of iOS are you currently using? Could you provide any log files on the project that may be beneficial?

Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Howdy Titirez5,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to produce a repro for the issue. I have gone ahead and entered the bug into our database so that the issue may be fixed in a future release.

Thanks again!