Joystick Plugin by Hephaestus Robotics

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Joystick Plugin by Hephaestus Robotics

Have you been hoping for joystick support to be added in Unreal Engine 4? Here it is for only $9.99!

At Hephaestus Robotics, we needed joystick support in UE4 to work with robotics projects. Since it wasn’t natively in the engine, we threw some development time at it and decided to release it on the marketplace to build up some revenue for robotics, electronics, and software projects.

Here is a video where I show you how to set up a project in Unreal Editor to use a joystick in under 5 minutes.
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With all of that, you may wonder who is Hephaestus Robotics and why would you want to support us by purchasing this joystick plugin. The mission of Hephaestus Robotics is to create technology that so advanced that it appears to belong to the realm of mythology in order to improve the lives of people everywhere. With enough revenue from the joystick plugin, we will be able to improve it by enabling force feedback. We will also be able to produce prototypes of our advanced digital robot servos as seen on the Hephaestus Robotics page on Facebook. A force-feedback joystick using these servos has also been talked about amongst the developers. From there, we would like to develop small robotics computers, a simple managed OS, and a more advanced AI.

I hope you enjoy using this plugin!

-Nathan Papke