Joystick Control help

Hey guys

Trying to make a mobile game here and I have difficulty working the Touch Controls. Especially because I can’t seem to just make buttons but only thumbsticks.
And the thumbsticks that I make have no effect even if they are bound to actions.




Another weird issue is that some times when I press inside the game window, the spaceship that I have flies up to the top of the screen and stays there.
I can’t move it any more with keyboard or otherwise. Some times I manage to somehow make the ship movable again, but not by touch controls.

No one who got this problem with touch controls…?

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Hmmm… Not sure. But question: Did you do anything special besides download and use the 4.8 preview for that badge?

I was in the Unreal Engine Beta. Before it was even called the Unreal Engine 4.

Lol… Ok thanks, I hope someone helps you with this problem.

bumping it up again

bumping it up again

bumping it up again

No one seriously know anything about touch controls?

I’ve never worked with touch input… but I’ll try help :slight_smile:

Do you know for certain your input events are firing? perhaps some debug output to screen and make sure there’s an actual value being sent to the “Add Movement Input” node.