Journeys Frontier Voxel World, Rpg Builder { Already Started with Progress }


**{ We plan to sell the Voxel Engine on the store as a basic package so no extra terrains and base world gen and player interactions, we have already completed a nice dent of the Voxel Engine all ready so some royalties with be available rather quickly. } **

We are currently seeking new members for our team, before applying you must be aware that we are seeking people that are 100% committed to this project, you must be reachable, and have general be actively online, otherwise I ask nicely that you do not apply.

The persons we are seeking are experienced Programmers with knowledge in C**++, Unreal**, Optimization, P2P, and world generation in voxel worlds we have some progress and need someone to replace the last person who is now too busy to complete the voxel engine, it does run similar to Minecrafts building aspect.

Generalists that understand the **Unreal Engine, Animators & Rigging for Human, Non Human and Objects, Lastly someone that can do Sound fx, **the themes are volatile.

Were also are keeping the team small and we currently have rigs for Maya and Blender.

About The Game.

Journeys Frontier is a puzzle platform video game created by Brad & Brandon and is a project submitted for the Virtus Game Jam of January 2019. The game follows the adventures of The Journey a race of space travellers.

The game has a large emphasis on game play rather than being story-driven. The idea for the final version of the game is too put a strong emphasis on user-generated content and will be based on the Create Share Play approach.

Playing with others online creating new content using the in-game creation tools and sharing creations and discoveries online with other players is our next goal for the game.

Here is a quick version of the old build before the voxel engine was added please keep in mind this was before optimization and will require an half decent pc to play smoothly.

Here is the video of the play through if your pc is not powerfull enough

and finally this is what were up to at this point with **progress **: Moving blocks with damage. **Cave generation testing. ** Loading chunks on another map, We can also dedicate a certain height only to render, or multiple chunks at once scaled however we want here.… Infinite Terrain… Been working on a save/load system for an infinite world.

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