Journal with Blueprints and UMG


I have quick question. What is the best way and are there any tutorials about how to make journal. For instance you pickup item (book) and it’s going to players journal. When player highlight or click the on the book inside the journal text appears? Also, if there are more pages, player can flip over to the other pages or go back to the first one.

For instance something like this:

BUMP! I hope the answer will come in.

I’d like to know that too…
They way I think of it is this:
You create a widget on which you create your buttons and you just apply a different image for each of the journals or for each of the journal’s page. But the thing is how will you trigger through blueprints which image to apply on the widget? You’ll have to make countless functions and call the right one when conditions are met?

Anyone who wants to share his thoughts on this?

Edit: That’s a good guide I found for anyone interested

Wouldn’t it be as simple as incrementing an int, and calling switch on int when retrieving the right image for that page? That would just require an array of images, assuming of course that the pages would be images, and not have actual text, which in that case you’d still need an array and a bit of blueprint work.

Thanks for replying mate. Can you please make that a bit more raw?

Yeah this method should work. Basically the integer value would be representing the page number , then every time the user pushes the next page button it would increment the integer and then you display the image representing that page number. You could have a back page button which would decrease the integer. Then when the journal is closed you need to reset the integer back to it’s starting value.

If you had an animation of the page turning you could even set it up to play the animation montage when the user clicks.

Only thing is you might have to make a seperate blueprint with all the events in it set up as a custom event and then cast to this blueprint from within the button widget.

Yeah I would probably go with a sprite sheet for all of the pages(depending on the size of the book) and just adjust the position depending on the page integer that you are on.

Will work on it and I’ll tell you how it advances :stuck_out_tongue:

I just checked half the internet searching for a tutorial about page flipping book in UE4 and couldn’t find one. Is there anyone that came upon such thing on the web?

This might help . It’s not quite a journal but in these brilliant tutorial he creates a quest log book which is kinda similar to a journal

[Tutorial Series] Quest System: