Journal System

Hi Everyone

I’ve fairly new to Unreal and have been working on a Game for the past 9 months which is a Horror/Puzzle game but I want to make a Journal System in which when you find a Note/Clue/Diary I want to be able to store that in a UI which you can bring up using J which I’ve managed to put together. The problem I am having is that I can’t get the notes to appear on the UI. I’ve looked all over Youtube for Tutorials on how to make a Journal system but no one seems to have made a Full journal System that I am trying to make.

I’m currently building the Game in the Horror Engine made by tansuergene from the Market Place and I have managed to use it to make everything I need for the Game except the Journal System. If anyone knows of any tutorials I can find to help that would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached photos of what I made in the context of what i’m looking to build. I just to work out how I can make it so that when I collect the Note/Clue it stores it in the Journal UI so i can click on the name of the note to bring up the writing on the right.

If anyone can help please get in touch.