Journal entries (readable)

I’m a little bit confused on how to approach readable journal pages, which will be scattered around the level.

When player will press a certain button, a full page will appear.

Any ideas?

What part exactly are you struggling with? On high level it is rather straightforward - whenever your player interacts with a page , you would display a screen that contains content of that specific page (can be easily set as it’s variable). You may also want to adjust an array that holds list of found pages.

Display a screen with what? Blueprint? Widget? Material?

I need exact details, that what I’m struggling with.

Hard to say without knowing how do you exactly want it to look and function. I would say grab the Content Examples from marketplace and walk through them. It includes a lot of different ways to represent data to user, in various forms from 3d objects to simple sprite-like images and text.


You could make array of widgets.

When a certain paper is picked up, reference that widget and add to view port.