Joints/Bones limit per mesh


Is there a limit for bones per mesh? I found somewhere 65K but don`t know if it was right. If it 65K can I increase it ?


Just out of curiosity - what do you need 65k bones for? :slight_smile:

And regarding your question, you don’t really need to go over 100 for main body in most scenarios.

I found this on the Unity : Are you referring to this: The limit of 65K vertices per mesh is the same as in Unity 3? This would make more sense, although you aren’t limited to this many vertices but keeping (well) below this is good practice in general. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not think there is ever a call to use 65 thousand bones or even 1 thousand, for that matter, which would be extremely high.

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:
I found some info here: What are the Bone Limitations in UE4? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums but I dont know if I got this correct.
@IanBreeg - I do have some animations that would require 2500 bones (some kind of vertex animations :wink: ) and I was wondering how much UE4 can handle. No, I don`t make characters with 65K bones :smiley: