Joint Venture Artist looking for a Programmer

Hi, my name is Saveun creator of Turret Town (my first game) and artist at a studio in Auckland, New Zealand that makes a fairly popular ARPG.

I’m starting to work on an Unreal game and would like to team up with another developer, someone who wants to share, contribute and hopefully release a game.
I’ll be working on this game in my spare time, around 10-20 hours per week, would be great to have someone in a similar position.
Skills that I think would benefit the project are obviously C++ and experience with networking/multiplayer.

The game idea is something I really want to put out there, so if there is some kind of parting I would like to keep whatever work has been put into it and try to finish the thing off.
Bare in mind it may take awhile, Turret Town has been in development for almost two years and is still not released on mobile. One reason for this is because I’m putting my own money into the game, so progress comes at a premium which is another reason I’d like to partner up with someone.

To speak briefly about the game, I’ve put together a basic twin stick shooter based on the one Unreal has on their Youtube channel. I’ve added a jump mechanic for the player and will expand on this – jump is used while exploring as well as combat.
Ideally when we get the basics together I’d like to add a multiplayer mechanic, there is more to this but I’m going to save this for those interested.
The core game (I think) will be quite simple – very twin sticky and the levels will be constructed with basic art with grinding and leveling. This is important, it won’t be visually stunning, but if you ask me it’ll look pretty badass because you know… Unreal Engine.

We can start on designing levels and polishing existing features. I’d like to get a basic ememy script together so we can create variations easier.
In the near future I’d like to put together a half decent single player twinstick game. The end goal being to deliver a multiplayer game and add the interesting mechanics around that.

I’m slowly working on a design document – a lot of it is up in the air. If you would like to expand on the initial idea I’m all ears!

You’ll need to know Git as I’m using Bitbucket as the repository.