Joint brakes after importing animations

Hi, I borught a model to unreal and when I import the animations it seem that one of the spine joints brakes.
At the upper left you can see the model I´m using as a skeleton. At it´s left you can see the log error I recieved. The other images come from different animations, you can see it´s a consistent error: for some reason the geometry of his stomach is comming out. I´ve tried with different animations, and also with different base models, nothing has changed this far.
EDIT: It seems a problem of the Spine Joint. The second attachment shows how that joint is displaced in the T-Pose created by the animations. No idea why this is happening or how can I fix it.

Were these animations done in blender by any chance?

No: Maya 2013 x64. Exported using FBX.

usually this is a problem you get with blender. I have to export my animations from blender to maya to avoid this.

Check your history and transforms on the bones.
Check your weight painting
Make sure to have a reference pose with all your bones on frame 0 and check “Use T0 as ref pose”

Ok, solved it. There was a problem with the bind pose in maya.

Here are the steps I used to correct the problem:
-Open the outliner
-On the outliner, upwards, uncheck Display>Show DAG Objects only.
-Look for the bindpose, in my case it was “bindpose1”.
-Delete it (may be more than one).
This did it for me.
It doesn´t seem that I had more than one bindpose, but still it brought some strange problem.
Thanks KrunkFu for the help.