Join us for an exclusive MODO announcement! 7th of April at 10am PDT/6pm BST

If you are remotely interested in Modo 901 information register for this live event:

FYI, I hear 901 should have many game dev relate features it’s going to be a Titan of a release.

Done. This should be exciting.

Also, +1 for also listing the GMT/BST time. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Jezcentral

Only 2 hours left ,woohoo!! If you haven’t register yet, do it now!

Thanks for posting, I missed this announcement somehow o.o
I’m really glad this update is somewhat-gamedev-oriented! Nice news after I decide to use MODO as the primary 3d tool :slight_smile:

I missed whatever was in the event. Anyone care to post a quick summary?

They only show a very small portion of 901, just keep that in mind. 901 has native support for MikkT tangent space, so you can bake a UE4 compatible normal map…without relying on Xnormal! Release date is in late May, they’ll post more sneak peek in the coming weeks. If you’re new and want to buy a license of Modo, the best thing to do is buy a “used” license from someone who wants to sell it(you can find that in the Foundry forum, marketplace subforum, i see it going for like 800 USD, versus paying 1500 USD for a new seat). Your license is to you, you can run it on Linux,Mac,Windows.

Version 901 is coming :stuck_out_tongue:

No statements about the indie version. I hope it will be updated to 901 too… Full version is too expensive for me!

they are very committed to Modo indie, an update can expected just not sure when.

Darn. I was stuck on a train, so I had to follow by Twitter. :frowning:

It all sounded good, although hearing “901 has native support for MikkT tangent space, so you can bake a UE4 compatible normal map…without relying on Xnormal!” it makes me sad, as I don’t understand a single word! :wink:

I’m still stuck between Maya LT and MODO+MARI Indie subs. Maya LT seems to be the de facto standard, but the noises coming from the The Foundry stable are tempting, as it seems they are making more of an effort.

You have to do a lot of normal map baking to know MikkT tangent space. 901 support custom tangent basis so you can target any game engine. 901 also has Disney’s GTR BRDF. Here’s the sneak peek video:

Really hyped for MODO 901

That said join the Modo and Mari Indie Chat on Steam.

Just click the top right where is says Join Chat :slight_smile:

The foundry employees are there to help out.