Join Us At Our Unreal Developer Day in Europe!

A message from our European Territory Manager, :
Following our ground breaking news at GDC, we put our heads together over here in Europe and decided that to get everyone off to a flying start with UE4 as a subscription-based service, we should host a ‘how to’ training event.

Never ones to sit around letting the grass grow under our feet, we thought the Easter break would be the best time. Short notice, we know, but we also recognize how hungry the new UE4 subscription community is for more in-depth knowledge on how to best use the power of our technology.

We will be holding the first Unreal Developer Day at the recently opened Epic Games Centre at Staffordshire University in , and it’s open to everyone with an interest in developing cool s**t with our tech.

Registration is now open at Unreal Developer Day - Thursday, 17th April Tickets, Thu 17 Apr 2014 at 09:00 | Eventbrite](Unreal Developer Day - Thursday, 17th April Tickets, Thu 17 Apr 2014 at 09:00 | Eventbrite) and is available on a first come, first served basis. Epic’s engineering, design and support team members will provide insight into the latest tools and technologies, as well as a look into the future of the new UE4 ecosystem.


European Territory Manager

I’ll be there, of course (I already had my ticket!).

Just like last time, I’ve picked out a bar for some beers in the evenings for the few late night hangers-on:

I will be attending, also see you there Ambershee :slight_smile:

I’ll try and make it to the pub :slight_smile:

That’s a bit short notice for me to arrange travel and stuff (2000km away). I would really like to be there and see the “cool s**t”. I hope they do a video of the talks for those of us who can’t be there.

It was a bit short notice last time as well - but I think the location and duration is putting a lot of people off. Last time we have people flying in from other parts of Europe (quite a few from Germany as an example), and it was easy because the venue was in central London. It was also a full day event with both a technical and an art track you could switch between, so you got a lot more out of it that was better tailoured to your discipline. is in the ****-end of nowhere geographically speaking, has little games industry in the vicinity since most are based in the south, and to top that off, the venue is half an hour away from the nearest rail station too. It’ll take me three and a half hours to get to the venue and I’m presently in London. The event is only one morning or afternoon session. I don’t see tickets flying away due to high demand this time.

Agreed on the location as well. Central London would’ve been much better for us flying to the UK for such an event.

" is in the ****-end of nowhere geographically speaking, has little games industry in the vicinity since most are based in the south, and to top that off, the venue is half an hour away from the nearest rail station too."

Yup. London would’ve been 1000+ times better. I live in the U.K but the distance while on an Indie budget is just not worth it (As I don’t drive) - London is easy to get to from anywhere, and would’ve been so much more convenient, in my personal case anyway.

Agreed we are based in London still not too late to switch venue!

They won’t switch venue because they’ve invested in it.

But in future, it’s something to consider; there are still quite a number of tickets available!

I will be attending for the full day (I know it is for just one slot but it is an awful long way for just an afternoon). Looks like the afternoon slot will be quite busy.

Thanks for the Epic Day, pardon my pun!

For all of those smashing people I met today (and because I cannot seem to find the auto signature on this) but didn’t get a chance to connect with please find my details below:

LinkedIn: aeroastroarts
Twitter: AeroAstroArts
Our Website:
Email: Ask

Thanks to everyone who came along. It was nice to meet everyone, and interesting to hear what you were up to. I hope it was useful and/or interesting! Zak’s hair was certainly the latter at least :slight_smile:

Yeah it really helped me get over my fear of Blueprints. I was able to make an entire custom weapon system with interchangeable projectiles and uses and a hunger/feeding system after modifying TeslaDevs tutorial. “Unreal” how simple it is to get stuff prototyped.

Also if the lady who asked about the twin stick shooter is on here make yourself known! I for one am keen to see what you’re up to!

It was good meeting people - and good to have a natter down the pub.

See you all next time :wink:

Thanks for organizing this, it was really great to meet you guys in person :slight_smile:
Hope there’s more days like this coming!

I agree :wink:

And from me as well a big thanks to Epic and all those other people involved in organizing the event and to those of you I spoke to.

I had second thoughts about going.I went and as i thought it was more people who had never used the engine before.
I am myself very new to unreal engine 4,before the “dev” day i had been learning how to use the engine most nights.
My time spent in the lab 3 pc’s went down and i had been left behind,i was not worried as i had heard exactly the same as on the interweb “build a box put in a light, $19
and you can keep it ect”.With 5 minutes to go i got to ask Zak a question and he was amazingly fast and enthusiastic to show us how to do what i had asked.In fact with seconds to go he had it finished!
If we could of had a morning with Zak and JamesG “not buttering them up” with there amazing talent/knowledge in the lab i think would have been time well spent.
Anyway it was nice to meet new people and special kudos to the guy “i am sorry i lost your name” who travelled 15+ hours from an island up in Scotland.