[JOIN] Unreal Gamedev WIP Skype Chat Group

here, of Tigris Game Development group on Skype.

We have been shepherding a friendly game developer chat, since February this year, for about 6 months now!

We have indie and professional game developers talking about their work daily, and you are invited to share your WIP screenshots, demos and game links

Lately; we’ve been thinking about inviting more Unreal Engine members to our chat, because we already have developers who are into Unity, C#, OpenGL and C++ programming, and even have some members writing Vulkan tutorials. Some of our members are 3D modelers, and we’ve got CEO’s of indie studios often joining us, and at one time had a voice actress. This is a great place to meet other developers and find potential team members.

Join us:

Our Member List The group has 164 members, these are just ones who added their name to the list.

(This opens our group chat in your Skype cloud client, or the app if you actually have it installed.)

The group is based around sharing WIP, and self-promotion is welcome.

Meet other active game developers, network, make friends, inspire by posting your WIP or get inspired by other people’s game works!

There is already an existing Slack group with nearly 4000 members:

Thanks! I’ve seen more than one growing along-side each other. There is also a Skype group chat community, like what the hay?