Join Session not working

Here is my Create and join game setup. For some reason the join session is failing to work. It creates a session and a game easily, but then another player cannot join the session. Any help would be appreciated. The create and join session is through a Game Instance Blueprint.
Game Instance.PNG



Bump because still don’t know how to fix. I changed Public Connections to 5 and didn’t change anything.

Any help would be appreciated!

Where are you getting your results array? You need to call ‘find sessions’ if you aren’t (in your game instance). You should also only open the level if a session was successfully created; not off the blank pin.

I fixed it up a little. It is getting the sessions results, but it is just failing to join the session. MP.PNG.jpg

Try swapping the 3 in the get node out for a 1.

Nothing different happened. Could it be something to do with something other than the game instance?

Had a derp moment. Try 0.

That worked! Thank you!

Well now that this is working, I’d suggest passing that array to a HUD to dynamically display a list of servers and you can pick one to join. Anything beyond that is just presentation style :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the derp.

Yes I do have a widget that shows a list of servers that I can join. Will this system work between 2 different computers?

Probably have to uncheck LAN. Need a tester?

What do you mean? I have 2 computers that i will use to see if it will work.

Thought I’d be nice and offer to load up a packaged version to help you test connecting over the internet. Chances are you’re all set though.

Oh I think I’m alright. Thanks for the offer though. Would the easiest way to put it on another computer is package it and put it onto a jumpdrive?

You can’t host online Matches and retrieve Server lists without a different Subsystem than the NULL one.
So you are in need of Steam, your own MasterServer or any other Subsystem that is capable of hosting ServerLists.
Otherwise you are limited to LAN ServerLists or connect over IP for Internet games.