Join Session loads level with visual glitches

I am opening two clients in a new PIE window, one the server one the client (no dedicated server). I created a widget that allows me to choose Join Game, or Host Game. By default the level (level_Menu) is loaded.

When I click Host Game on the server the level (level_Board) is changed properly and I can interact as expected. After hosting a game, I choose Join Game on the client. However, I can only interact with the widgets on screen, nothing else in the level seems to work. Additionally, the window seems to load improperly.

If I open the level (level_Board) and choose play both levels load and interact fine.

Screen capture of the problem(sorry for using external links, forum attachments weren’t working):

Two minute video of my blueprint setup (skip to 1:22 to see problem in action):


I unticked “Auto Manage Active Camera Target” in the player controller to fix.


I had a similar bug and I think that’s because you’re multicasting from a player controller (one of your event in the player controller is set to “multicast”). At least that’s what happened to me.

Good catch, I noticed that as well after I posted the video. My problem was related to the camera but thanks for pointing that out should someone else find my setup and attempt to use it :stuck_out_tongue: