Join Session crashing game 4.6

So with the new Create/Search/Join Session nodes I appear to be having issues regarding joining a session.

I can create and find the session after I added this to my DefaultEngine.ini


However when I try to join the game it sometimes crashes? Not all the time, but when it doesn’t crash, joining the game doesn’t do anything (maybe I’m just missing a node after join session?
Also it appears as though searching sometimes crashes the game and sometimes doesn’t?
It also seems to just say there is 0 players despite there being a player in the hosted game.
Trying to run it on a LAN network if that helps.

Yes, I’m seeing the same thing. I can create a session with one instance and other local instances will find it using ‘Find Session’. However, the session result’s CurrentPlayers value always reports zero (even after multiple instances report success in joining the session), and after an instance joins the session it still thinks it HasAuthority. Seems like the session is being created, but nobody (including the instance that created it) is actually joining despite it executing the ‘On Success’ pin. I’ve also seen a couple of crashes on attempting to join as well.

I’m not sure if my answer would be able to help anyone, but it was definitely motivating to know I wasn’t the only one having issues, so I do appreciate this thread!

I finally got mine working to the point where I can join a session. Here’s my process, in case anyone else runs into issues. (My problem doesn’t seem to be the same as that of Chambered’s)

The first problem I had was I passed the wrong session to the join node. This causes both editor and any builds to crash (sorry to the developers for all the error reports). It turns out I was passing a generic session instead of the one that is specific to the server row. I’d attach a picture, but that feature seems to be broken. However, here is the error message I got in the log, which is located at
“PIE:Error: Error Accessed None ‘ServerList(WidgetRef)’ from node Join Session in blueprint ServerRow”
You guys might get better insight as to why your game is crashing from the log files.

The next thing I figured out was that it seems as though you are not allowed to join the game through the editor. You need to package it and run it. Perhaps this info might help Haigen and Chambered? I’m interested in seeing who else has tried this process. I watched the twitch stream and then painstakingly attempted to recreate the blueprint.