Join our almost done game project as a Coder for Unreal

Hey there,

My team and I are looking for unreal coder (C++ or blueprints) to join our cool game project.
We are very close to get a demo of this game. If you are interested send me a message over here or via email to:

I’ve got this awesome team members from Characters, environments, Animators , Riggers and UI artists. All super passionate about bringing a game idea I’ve had to life.

We’ve been at it for almost 8 months now, putting in the effort to make this project a reality, the game is really close to get basic demo done!

We’re putting in some serious work, and the assets for the game are all ready to roll. What we’re aiming for now is to put together a game prototype to see where it takes us. We do intend to apply for Epic MegaGrants.

If you’re into this and you’re willing to dive in with us, that’d be just awesome. We’re not looking for fancy words or anything – just someone who’s as excited about this as we are and also a hard worker.
This project is a revenue shared based. Until we get the fundings for the game.

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Still on a look for a programmer


What’s the game look like currently it seems to have been at least 8 months… you don’t have any programmer/s or your looking for adding another?

We have 2 characters already textured animated and rigged, the environment is done. Right now we have basic coding and the menu with the UI is already set up. There is and exe. file for the game. The UI artist knows a bit about coding so I would say looking for adding another, we had a coder but he left due to personal life.


Hi, I’m interested in this prospect, Would it be possible to know more about the project?

Hey do u want to send me an email?



I messaged you