Join/Host session


I asked this already with no luck.

I followed every youtube video,twitch livestream ( Multiplayer Shootout)
and I had no luck with Host and join session.Hosting is working,searching is working but joining is not. Please help :slight_smile:

Here is my blueprint:

First of all, why are you using Replicated Events for the simple Join and Host things? Leave these Events as normal events.

Also Steam is not active in the Editor. When playing in the Editor you are always using the NULL Subsystem.

I would also not use a replicated event to tell the client that he should create the menu, but since this is also working, you can leave it for now.

Try to turn the host and join event to normal events.

And don’t use a FOR EACH loop for the find sessions array. Check if the arrays length is greater than 0 and then GET the 0 index to join!

Ok let’s try to recreate this in a new project.

Please create a fresh project and creste your own GameMode and PlayerController. Then add 2 Key press events, like H and J. Behind H, you simply put the host logic, like creating session and opening a Level (can open the same Level or just leave that out).

Behind J, you search for a session, check if it s > 0 and join the Get 0 of the result Array.

Don’t create anything else and don’t change anything!

Now start the Game with 2 Players. In the server window (which is normaly the editor one) press H and wait a few sec. In the additional window, press J.

Check if this basic setup works.

I set host and join to Not replicated and this time I did not used For each loop and it did not work.I can see how many players are in session,name of the session but I can t join.
Thanks for the help

Edit: I have the same problem with Multiplayer Shootout game.

It doesn’t work.

I think that this is maybe engine bug or something what do you think?

add an print string to the success output pin too or you won’t know if it ever runs

Hm, if that doesn’t work, then this is more or less an error on your end. Because this is the most basic setup and this SHOULD work.

You did not change anything besides the things i told you above, right?
So you did not change some config files for the new project?

If the above is really the only thing you changed, then it should work.

I assume you did not forget to actually set the GameMode and PlayerController in the world settings, did you?

Need to correct something:

Seems to be that new projects are also missing this in the GameEngine.ini file:


I am sorry, i though that at least this was in there, because i checked my projects before i answered.

Try adding this to the test project (with H and J).

Also make sure that you try to create a server with the original server and join with the original client.
Because in the Editor, if you start with 2 or more Players, they will directly have a network connection.
I had problems in the past when i wanted to let the Client create a server and the Server join it.

I will upload a video, I will put link for download becaues I don t have youtube channel.

I m not sure if I should make a bug report or if this is something on my end.

Youtube video :

Project download link :