Join body with "Physics Constraint" not in pivot location of body


Need join body with “Physics Constraint” in specific position in body (without the use of bones) (see my explain-picture)

I have not found how this can be done.

I seen at PhysX 3.3 API and understood what i need doing new PhysX Joint. (
Maybe you Epic want add this in main branch of UE4?

See it AnswerHub:

Edit: Also take a look at this:


A simple example of what I want to do as a result in UE4 (made in Unity):

Why you cannot use bone as joint location? What is the reason? Only one that i can think of is that you want move joint position in game time. Editor can add/remove joints, maybe you can do same from C++ or even BP.

Anyway i think that after you connect joint actor to 2 bones. You technically end with 2 constraints. I did not test it, but if you move joint actor to location of “Specific point” you still have one constraint connected to “Hook joint” and another to center of your box.

I try, but i have bug in physics.
I need tune the collision for Skeletal Meshes in PHAT.
PHAT - not good and clean tool for simple physics bodies.

It is not correct, this is don’t work in my constraint.