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I have joined Revive Fitness center near Edwardstown start of June 2021, and i do power lifting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3 days a week and start small weights and Building up start 8 mins warmup and then do streches, lower uper body, then after go straight to super gym weights and my program is

45 Degree Leg press 3/12 Reps at 10Kg 3 days a week now i push 30Kg machine holds 400Kg plus
Bench press 3/12 Reps at 20Kg
Leg extentions 3/12 Reps at 10Kg
Leg curls 3/12 Reps at 10Kg
Lat pull downs 3/12 Reps 20Kg
cable row 3/12 Reps 20 KG free weight
Power clean and press 3/12 Reps now at 15Kg, 1/1 rep 20Kg, 1/1 Rep 25 Kg
and do a 20Kg snatch now
upright row 3/12 Reps 15Kg
Bicep curl 3/12 Reps 10Kg
DB flies 3/12 Reps 10Kg
Standing calf 3/12 Reps 18 Kg
seated calf 3/12 Reps 10 Kg
Tricept push down 3/12 reps 10 pounds
abbs 3/12 reps 23 Kg
back 3/12 reps 23 Kg

warm down streaches, spar, steamroom then home as from monday start dead lift 60Kg.

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How has your quality of life changed since you started?

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