Johnny Reboot - 3D Animated Series - Seeking Rigger/Animator

Hello everyone,

My name is Martyn Tranter. Our team is currently working on a 3D Animated series. We are heavily considering using Unreal Studio, we would like to utilize the engine because of the quality and technology that it is pushing for and we feel it would benefit our team due to the accessibility (everyone is able to download the engine without worrying about licensing). We also want to move away from a non traditional 3D animation workflow. As of right now though we are waiting to move over to the engine until we can find a few experienced riggers and animators that can get the characters ready and rigged for an unreal pipeline.

Right now we are looking for like minded individuals with experience rigging and animating for Maya and Unreal Studio/Engine.

Requirements for the position:

  • Able to Rig and Animate in Maya
  • Able to create rigs for 3D Animated characters that can be exported to Unreal.
  • Demo Reel that proves experience and knowledge of quality Animation.
  • Great work ethic and hard working.
  • Get into calls on discord to work with the team and communicate.
  • Be a team player!
  • Make a commitment to finishing tasks on a acceptable time frame.
  • Have fun!

You can email your demo reel to

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