John Leonard French: Experienced Composer, Music & Audio. Custom Demos Available.

Experienced Game Composer: Free Demos Available On Request

I’m John Leonard French, a game composer based in the UK
I’m available to create full custom soundtracks, single tracks, loops, music systems, trailer scores and sound FX and sound design.


**Original Music: **Unique full soundtracks and themes. A complete musical identity.
**Additional Music: **Single tracks, small commissions, trailers, seamless loops.
**Dynamic Integration: **Dynamic / adaptive music (native or integrated).
**Procedural Music: **Randomly generated scores.
**Sound & Audio: **Foley recording, sound effects and sound design.

Audio examples:

**Website: **
SoundCloud: John Leonard French | Free Listening on SoundCloud
My CV (pdf):

Get A Custom Demos / Consultation

If you’re interested in working with me, email me at [EMAIL=“”] for more information or request a free demo here: My demos are custom written for each project. See if I’m a good fit for your game, and get some free music in the process.

My Latest Demos

Planet H

Arcane Trailer


I’m a full time composer and my work is normally charged, however I’m always looking for very special projects to work on that will raise my profile. I realise that not all teams, even teams making amazing games, can afford the upfront cost of a hiring someone. I’m willing to work for profit share if it’s being offered, a deferred fee, or in some special circumstances I can score your game for free.

Videos / Recent Work

Fragger 2 by Harold Brenes, Music by me & Shepz by Alexander Zable, Music by me.

John Leonard French

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