Jobs at Epic Games available

That surprised me today. There are ~100 jobs available at Epic Games. Seems like it was true when they said the last year was the most profitable with regards to the engine itself so far.

Although the qualifications they ask for might be too tough for most younger people and self-thaught freelancers.

Not just for younger people. A few of my comrades have applied, for open positions, which still remain open, many months later.

It is just standard practise to always be looking for people.

IOW, you just never know who may take the chance and apply!

a dream job

that one is hilarious. did not see it. That’s like the end of your career.
‘what was your previous position?’ -> ‘Unreal Engine Evangelist’
‘what?’ -> ‘Unreal Engine Evangelist, sir’
‘what was is about?’ -> ‘Reported key observations or trends in Eastern Europe to Epic’
‘out of my office!’ -> ‘but,but,but…’ :slight_smile:

hold on a sec…it’s in germany. Will apply!

Edit: just saw that the term ‘technology evangelist’ really exists. Sounded like a meant-to-be-funny title. Learn sth new every day! Should propably rename it for german applicants. For a german person, it sounds like you want to prank the applicant or turn him/her religious.

If I am ever tired of my 100k developer salary, I will! I will apply as an Evangelist! And I shall walk the border from Germany to this far land Eastern Europe, dressed in a red robe, and holding a cross in front of my chest in one arm, reaching to the heavens with other. And I shall convert thee who not believe in the right engine! Yes, I will!
(sorry, to much sun today here and a free day on the bike)