Job Opportunity - Software Design Engineer

I have a job opportunity for a Software Design Engineer in Redmond, WA.
The job description can be found below. If you would like to pursue this opportunity, please contact me.
The pay rate is currently negotiable.

Rick Koceja

Job Description
As a SDE 4, work closely with the product team and directly in the UE4 code base to optimize UE4, game content, and scripts holistically in order to meet the performance requirements of the soon to be released, highly anticipated game.
This role will allow you to work with a title that was shown at E3 and will be highly visible. The title has a set release date, and this role would be a great opportunity for you to have their name on a shipped title.
This is what would make this role stand out from other opportunities in the field
Would be a great resume builder

Top 3 must-have hard skills

  1. Need to have Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) and UE 4 (UE4) experience UE4 a year of experience UE3 at least 2 shipped titles using
  2. C++ Experience- min 5 years of experience must be expert level
  3. Performance optimization tools and techniques- 1 shipped title

Job Duties
Performance analysis and optimizations of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) code base (CPU mostly, but could include GPU)
Make content and UE4 script performance recommendations to team
Participate in general bug fixing

Expert knowledge of C++
Expert knowledge of performance optimization tools and techniques
PIX and Xbox optimization experience is a major plus
Extensive UE4 development experience
System level programming experience
Solid debugging skills
Would like to see 5+ years of experience, and experience with AAA shipped titles (cannot just have mobile apps) can have PC or Windows as well, UWP, or Xbox
Will be looking at their ability to find opportunity for optimization, ability to solve those issues, communicate with the team regarding fixes and issues
No degree required

Which one is it?

The position looks fine, but it is not a resume builder. It looks niche on optimization and requiring 3 shipped titles a qualified person is not looking or needing to build their resume. What that comes across sounding like is that the position is going to pay significantly less than what it should.