Job Opportunity - Architectural Visualization - UE4

Fully established and well funded company, one of the leading 3D visualization firm in Australia is looking for UE4 developers/designers (Freelancers are welcome) with strong experience in Architectural Visualisation. Open positions are as follow:
• Level Designer/3D Modeler
• Material/Texture Designer
• UE4 C++ Developer/programmer
If you are interested, please send us your resume and samples of your work to subject: Unreal 4 - Artist - YOU FULL NAME.

Hey there @PersoDeath this looks like a really cool opportunity and we definitely have a soft spot for ArchViz projects! Are you looking for someone in house or is remote work ok? Thanks!

Remote work is totally fine.

Great to hear. Email sent over to you with links to our portfolio and a bit more about what we do. Thanks!

hi, i sent a email with subjet Unreal 4 - Artist - Andres Camilo Castaño (Rt-Archviz)…

my portfolio: Rt Archviz - YouTube


Thanks, The Applications will be processed very soon and I will be in touch.

Here is my Portfolio

My Youtube channel

I would have to recommend SergoMYID for your assignment, his portfolio is pretty amazing. I haven’t worked with him professionally, but I am hugely impressed by his portfolio. His work is highly on par with top end arch viz studios I’ve seen and worked with in the past.

is the programmer position still available?

It´s the job, still available? I’m an Architect from Argentina.