Jittery projectile movement , client side

Greetings everyone!
I’m currently working on a small multiplayer soccer project, all replications related stuff running smoothly, except the ball movement. Whenever the client interact with the ball (hits it) the ball start doing some weird jittery- laggy effects on his side, but runs smoothly on the server side. I have not set up any blueprint code for the projectile, all i did was enabling physics, changing the massinKg and damping settings.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, using “projectiles” for a “soccer ball” is unlikely to be satisfying, because their network behavior are designed with slightly different goals (and projectiles blow up before you get too annoyed.)

In general, soccer, and other client-physics-interactive games, needs pretty carefully crafted network solutions to look good and feel fair. You should plan on developing your own BallActor and a BallMovementComponent that is tied to that actor, similar to how CharacterMovementComponent is tied to Character.

Greetings jwatte, thanks for taking the time to look into my issue. Im not sure if i got your point right, but did you mean that i should create a blueprint of type character instead of actor and attach a movementcomponent to it and give it the role of an actor? Because last time i checked actors blueprints do not have movement component options. Sorry if i misunderstood your point but im kind of new to multiplayer development.