Jittery arrow on movement? (simple replication)

Motion blur enabled?

For some reason when I add an arrow component to a pawn, and then set that pawn in motion, the arrow becomes more jittery the faster it goes. This is odd not only for the jitter, but I have another project where I can add an arrow to the pawn, set it in motion, and it is perfectly smooth and locked on the parented mesh. I cannot find the differences between these two projects…one arrow is just locked on smooth as silk, and the other is a jittery mess.

How to replicate:

  1. Create a new empty project with starter content.
  2. Create an empty pawn BP. In the pawn BP, add a mesh, and enable physics.
  3. Then add an arrow to the mesh, and move the arrow forward along the X-axis outside of the mesh so that you
    can see it. Uncheck the Hidden in game box. Scale it up if necessary.
  4. Drop the pawn BP in the world, and set it to auto posses player 0.
  5. Play

The sphere will begin falling through the world. You should see the arrow start to jitter the faster it goes. Why is that?

Ah yes, you’re right! That definitely helped some…it’s much less jittery now.

However there does seem to still be something wrong. The color is still too deep (like it’s trying to render it multiple times or something), and there is still a small amount of jitter remaining.

On my other project, the arrow is perfectly rendered during gameplay, just as it appears in the Blueprint Editor Viewport.

Ok, so it was a combination of Motion Blur (turned it off), Antialiasing (changed to FXAA), and the exposure settings of the post processing volume (Min and Max brightness should match to prevent light being adjusted, or just delete the volume).