Jitter Legs when Aiming in Third-Person Shooter

I’m making a third-person shooter in Unreal Engine and I’m having a weird problem when the player aims. I have it set up so by default, the character uses a blend space 1D with orient rotation to movement on. When the player aims, the character then uses a blend space and it uses control rotation yaw and unchecks orient rotation to movement. The aim blend space has the forward, backward, and left/right strafe. Moving forward and left/right look fine but moving backwards creates this sort of jittery effect. The legs just kind of go all over the place. We call that jitter legs and it needs to stop real fast. I tried showing off everything that I thought may be relevant to where the problem lies in the video. I’m using version 4.23.1 if that makes any difference.

Same issue as with any blend space and a 360deg. Angle.
you need to split your blend spaces in forward/backwards and activate the proper blendspace based on input before adjusting for direction.