( Jigsaw ) True Survival Inventory

I’ve started to work on a Jigsaw inventory system, it will also have containers and a crafting system, would this be something people would be interested in?

The UI is just a placeholder this just shows the slot logic i am working on.

I have a few customers who have been asking for this… If you do go forward with it as a marketplace product please contact me and maybe we can cover an integration tutorial getting it working within my Multiplayer Survival Game Template :slight_smile: No issues if not, just an idea that might be mutually beneficial for everyone involved :slight_smile:

Thats nice to know and sure i have no issue with people integrating it with your template and helping put together some tutorials. thanks for your feedback.

gamepad support please!!

Progress is moving along nicely, and controller support is planned.

Hello, aby updates about this inventory?

No sorry i put it on hold as there wasn’t much interest in it.

Ah too bad, it looked nice.
What were you thinking of as a price point?

Most likely around 20-30 USD