Jetpacks Blueprints & Assets

Hello everyone !

We’re currently working on a fully functionnal and customizable Jetpack (Blueprint + Assets + FX).
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The jetpack works with any Character in UE4.
It has four different modes :

  • Default
  • Continuous
  • Stationnary
  • Burst

Trailer : [video][/video]
Gameplay: [video][/video]

Playable demo : (updated on October 31)

Go check our public roadmap :

Please give us feedbacks.

Cool Thomson_Skelington, you already have a sale!:slight_smile:


i have been working on something similar. i would offer my help but it looks like you don’t need it :slight_smile:

looks cool

very cool… both of you. it looks pretty awesome and fun.

If your plan is to release this on marketplace for $. I’d recommend you do so for somewhere around $5 if you want sales. Otherwise need to definitely add more to it to make it worth a buy. I haven’t tried to make this kinda thing cuz I havent had need for it… but its something I could figure out on my own so.

I’d say for that kind of functionality it’s probably worth $30. Maybe more.

Your thrusters remind me so much of the Jetpack from GTA San Andres. :slight_smile:

Great looking assets though guys.

We’re planning to sale it at 15$ because the pack will contain multiple jetpack assets.

As you can see, the blueprint is getting pretty big :

I made a build for Windows so everyone can test it, and maybe report some bugs / feedbacks :

New FX !

Working on a new asset and FX !

I will definitely be buying this when you release it, nice work!


I think I found a bug :smiley: jetpack.jpg

Cool. I’m thinking of a procedural track thingy for a Wipeout-style, or in this case, perhaps Jetpack-racing game.

Am I the only one old enough to remember the Rocketeer game? That was classic. Nice memories.

Indeed, can you please describe exactly how did you managed to duplicate the jetpack ?
Thank you for your feedback

I made a “track builder” for a race game and I can give you the source if you want (for free of course)

We might make the Rocketeer jetpack you know :slight_smile:

I had the 2 tubes jetpack on me and when I overlaped with the other one to pick it up it changed the mesh on character to the same jetpack , might be a collision problem

Does it happen every time or was it a random bug ?

Just teasing :slight_smile:

Cool project :slight_smile: Tried out the latest demo and if you keep on holding in the left mouse button and the jepack runs out of fuel, the character continue to stay in the air, every second or so the jetpack gives off a flame burst or the displayed fuel value is -1. A -1 fuel value is obviously not correct and if there’s no fuel, then the jetpack should not be able to give off flame bursts still and and there also would be nothing keeping the character in the air and so he should come down to the ground again