Jetbrains Space - a free collaboration tool

I been looking for team/project management tool for solo or a team of less than <10 free or one time fee . Most of the popular team tool are very restrictive such as no project calendar, limited project or limited user=3.

So far Jetbrains Space is beyond what i expected as a free collab tool, it still early, released back in 2020.
What it offers as free:

  • Chat system, customized channel like discord, custom notif from api(or as CI/CD), right now CI/CD are only for github related but plan to add more custom api or third party)
    Here how mine look like:

  • Chat limit to total 20k msg. (no reset but you could just clean like each 3 months if you are in a small team for eg)

  • 10GB free space (space drive is plan to be added after to view all your files uploaded)

  • Unlimited projects and unlimited users.

  • Data transfer 50GB and reset every month.

  • Document for your project documentation/troubleshoot etc…, (multi user edit is planned to be added)

  • Calendar for now only has meeting(video call & project calendar to be added soon), add user absences(advanced absences management are paid ver)

  • Project management is like your regular tool where there checklist, issues, assigned task to user, workload etc… the UI might be a little bit odd like too much tabular but is fine for me.
    The arrow represent customised field, free can add 1 customised field:

Hope you guys like it too :smiley: JetBrains Space: The All-in-One Solution for Software Teams