Jet aircraft with physics


So I’m working on a physics based jet aircraft with gravity enabled, I’m using add force and torque to control the rotation and thrust, to turn quickly I roll then turn left or right all using the mouse like in battlefiled 4 for example.

My problem is without increasing the linear velocity to something like 2 the jet can’t turn effectively, there’s a drag or drift force that still affect me when turning at high speed, here’s the blueprint I’m using to accelerate and go forward, for up and down I use add torque.

I tried increasing my linear damping based on my current velocity that worked fine but I feel like its just a hack and not the proper way of doing it, so am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to drive and maneuver a jet ?

Thanks a lot.

Yeah I’ve just been experimenting with the add force at location and adding sockets, seems like how I should do it I’ll have to keep testing to see If I can achieve something I’m doing it for learning purpose so I can take my time ^^

Thanks for the answer.

If you want somewhat realistic simulation for your jet you would need to make a simple physics model for air resistance.
Basically applying the force in the opposite direction of the movement for each wing.

For an arcade type game I can’t think of any better way to drive the jet.