Jedi knight/Academy movement - Character backflip and lightsaber slice (2 animation montages)

I want to recreate a complex movement from the game Jedi Academy.
I handled to my character make a back flip movement ( play animation 1 when jump )
Also there is a simple saber slice movement (play animation 2 when mouse click)
They work good separaret, but when I want to mix them my character do crazy movements.
My idea is that upperboddy slice movement wont be affected when the character is jumping back like the sample

(Jedi Knight / Academy / Unreal Engine backflip + slice movement - YouTube)

Hi there,
By the original, both montages use full body slot. I guess you are playing a full body montage (back flip) and you slice montage uses the upper body slot. The blending won’t happen if both montages are triggered simultaneously.

hi , I’m using an animation for the back flip , the animation uses full body and replaces the acutal looping jump that comes with the Character. Then when I “click mouse” it plays an animation montage of the saber slice for only the upper boddy slot.
If you say that original plays 2 montages full body, I will have to consider not using the back flip in the “jump”. The problem here is the rotation. I will do more test. Thank you.

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Hi there,

Keep in mind in the original, the slice only happens after landing from the back flip, on top of that, visually, the slice looks better when playing full body, because of the body and legs stance.

I realize what is doing :

  • click : it plays saber slice
  • if you click “jump back” in the middle of the animations, it stops saber slice upper body and do “backflip” entire body
  • when “backflip” is over, it continues playing saber slice animation till finish
    I will send if I can figure out how to do it.

Hi there,
Yes, there is a node called stop anim montage that can be used to prioritize montages over others. So, you can set back flip as priority montage, then, your code will call stop anim montages and stop any other non-priority montage. After that, you call the backflip. If you leave the node with an empty montage input (no montage selected), it will stop anything playing.

Here is a video showing the concept of montage prioritization:
Handling Montage Priorities & Montage canceling | UE4 tutorial (plus directional roll fixes) - YouTube