Jazz Jackrabbit ios kismet Unreal Development Kit tech demo in 2D sidescroller mode

So how can I change gameplay mode of udk top-down shooter demo of Jazz Jackrabbit ios exclusive from 2010? I wish I could explain this on jazz2online(I wish I could explain them how it works) however I was banned there in that forum/server thing. I admit I was trying to use that UDK to ue4 tool however there are still some udk 2015 errors that I have no idea how to fix it. It’s a shame that even ut4xconverter was discontinued. That blog-like tutorials of Unreal Engine 3 wasn’t quite helpful enough. I contacted with user Hourences on Twitter he answered to some of my posts about making more tutorials about ue1,ue2,ue3,ue4 map design,importing characters…etc. However he’s not responding to me anymore.

@Gamerz31w I’m going to level with you: You’re getting banned and ignored for good reason. If you want to get help, if you want to get answers to your questions, you need to stay on topic and ask the right questions. In this post, I have no idea what you want. Your question is

That doesn’t mean anything to anyone but you. Your post is all about how you got banned, how it’s too bad that the tool you want to use isn’t working for you, and how a UDK master is ignoring you.

Let me suggest a template for all your future posts:

  1. Think of what you want to do.
  2. Ask a question, the answer to which will tell you what you should do.
  3. Take the question from step 2 and write it as the title of your post.
  4. In your post, tell us what you’re trying to do. Tell us what you’ve already done. Tell us what error you run into.

That should help everyone help you find answers to your questions.

Next, I really think you should start learning UE4 and stop messing with UDK. Really the only people who should be using UDK right now are the people who are trying to finish old projects. Everyone starting a new project really should start their projects in UE4. What you learn from UDK might help you with UE4, but I think you’ll get the best results if you just start learning UE4. And whichever engine you decide to use, I strongly suggest that you just start with the tutorials. Don’t just jump into whatever project looks like the game you want to build. Learn the basics by doing all the tutorials, and then try starting the project you want to make.

But if you really must keep working in UDK, then please see the steps above and tell us what you’re trying to do and what problems you’re running into.

Well honestly I just showed them tutorial of 2d mode of unreal engine 3/unreal development kit. I just exposed private twitter conversation with Epic Games CEO and founder Tim Sweeney. I guess violate european GDPR. So they banned me from servered forum because it’s server/forum. I guess I just need to learn basics of character modelling,animating and importing all new assets to Unreal Editor 4. I showed miss Stacey"Flak"Conley that I have some map design experience already. If you visit old Unreal forums(it’s very hard to say if it was first and original forum related to unreal engine 1 not 4) you can see that I’m able to import/export maps one from the other.