Java/Spring Based Web Developer & Sysadmin with Unreal Engine Experience

Project Title: Squad

Description: Large scale multiplayer Military shooter (Game is released on steam with approx 170k units sold)

100 player servers (Currently capped at 72 player while in development)
Vehicle and emplaced weapons
Large scale multiplayer maps with a base of 4km x 4km

Team Name: Offworld Industries

Team Structure: 28 person team. All work is remote.

Talent Required:

One web developer
~ Minimum bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent software engineering degree
~ Strong Java & Spring web development experience
~ SQL based database development experience
~ Familiarity and experience with Amazon Web Services
~ General sysadmin experience
~ Moderate level of C++ development experience
~ Capable of connecting video game functionality to an external web service.
~ Preference for a developer based on west coast of North America or willing to relocate to west coast of North America.


Contact: Will Stahl