Java for Unreal engine 4

You can put java in the unreal engine 4

No you can’t … Unreal Engine is C++

I am a professional Java developer and have been developing in Java since 1997 … so I take exception to your image … but your point is valid. I would not use Java for game development and my focus is enterprise based web-applications using Spring MVC and JEE.


Better than VB Classic … 8-P

I also do C# development professional … ASP.NET MVC … once again web-applications. 8-} Disagreeable content
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java’s alright, great for knocking up x-platform software on the fly, and the whole performance thing is mostly a myth though there’s no denying that Cpp performs better when in the hands of a good coder. If you find that Java performs slow then it’s probably your code. I write my 2D games in java using the libgdx framework and could probably knock up about 20 of these in the time it took me to write a single 2D game using UE4 or Unity. To be fair though, I wouldn’t consider using java for a large scale 3D game, UE4 is just too good at that.

IF anyway, somebody would need to create script plugin to make JAva work with UE4. I would not be suppressed to see Java being faster then Blueprints :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure about Java, but the compilers and JIT stuff in .Net(C#) is really impressive. I’m sure Java is comparable.

And some really great NoSQL high performance databases have been written in Java!

Java i think use normal VM, atleast it proven to be way slower then native… just look on minecraft + no body do java games on android :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO … that is the best. 8-}

Yes I need to clarify, I would not use Java for a heavy 3D game like Unreal Tournament or anything. jMonkeyEngine has it’s merits and we are actually using it for a Virtual Tabletop System that are putting in POC … but would not use it for a full fledged 3D game.

As stated, Java slow code is normally due to bad coding practices … but that is true with any language … so it is a moot point.

Although it would be cool to write Blueprints in Java … hmmmm … shrug

Omg, is this now a gathering of anonymous Java & .Net business professionals? :slight_smile:

(Coding Enterprise Software in Java since 2000 :slight_smile: )

Blueprint is also running on a virtual machine, so its performance could be comparable to Java and/or C#(.Net). The ability to do time critical stuff in C++ instead of Blueprint also applies to C#, you can call functions in a DLL which is written in C++. So its comparable.

The really big advantage of Blueprint is that its visual. Non-programmers can make ‘scripts’ which is awesome.

Well i whouth we talking here about performence. Either way don’'t expect Epic to implement it, as most you most likely get plugin

Knowing virtually nothing about Unreal I do know Java has the JNI, Java Native Interface where C calls are invoked. The workflow would be something like pre-bake the unreal graphical end and then integrate to your java OO structure for display kicking unreal off via a JVM. I imagine it will take some architectural crafting to allow unreal to do the heavy lifting and have java focus on overall internal event management for display decisions and networking.

Java source code is converted to intermediate byte code by a compiler and it is converted to machine code by the interpreter. I think the speed of java would be between blueprint and c++.