Java for Unreal engine 4

You can put java in the unreal engine 4

No you can’t … Unreal Engine is C++


Why would anyone want this? Especially when blueprints are available.

I am a professional Java developer and have been developing in Java since 1997 … so I take exception to your image … but your point is valid. I would not use Java for game development and my focus is enterprise based web-applications using Spring MVC and JEE.

I can’t sleight you for that, I guess that makes me a professional VB.Net developer (yes, those exist). I work on custom POS systems.

Better than VB Classic … 8-P

I also do C# development professional … ASP.NET MVC … once again web-applications. 8-} Disagreeable content
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java’s alright, great for knocking up x-platform software on the fly, and the whole performance thing is mostly a myth though there’s no denying that Cpp performs better when in the hands of a good coder. If you find that Java performs slow then it’s probably your code. I write my 2D games in java using the libgdx framework and could probably knock up about 20 of these in the time it took me to write a single 2D game using UE4 or Unity. To be fair though, I wouldn’t consider using java for a large scale 3D game, UE4 is just too good at that.

IF anyway, somebody would need to create script plugin to make JAva work with UE4. I would not be suppressed to see Java being faster then Blueprints :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure about Java, but the compilers and JIT stuff in .Net(C#) is really impressive. I’m sure Java is comparable.

And some really great NoSQL high performance databases have been written in Java!

Java i think use normal VM, atleast it proven to be way slower then native… just look on minecraft + no body do java games on android :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO … that is the best. 8-}

Yes I need to clarify, I would not use Java for a heavy 3D game like Unreal Tournament or anything. jMonkeyEngine has it’s merits and we are actually using it for a Virtual Tabletop System that are putting in POC … but would not use it for a full fledged 3D game.

As stated, Java slow code is normally due to bad coding practices … but that is true with any language … so it is a moot point.

Although it would be cool to write Blueprints in Java … hmmmm … shrug

Omg, is this now a gathering of anonymous Java & .Net business professionals? :slight_smile:

(Coding Enterprise Software in Java since 2000 :slight_smile: )

Blueprint is also running on a virtual machine, so its performance could be comparable to Java and/or C#(.Net). The ability to do time critical stuff in C++ instead of Blueprint also applies to C#, you can call functions in a DLL which is written in C++. So its comparable.

The really big advantage of Blueprint is that its visual. Non-programmers can make ‘scripts’ which is awesome.

Well i whouth we talking here about performence. Either way don’'t expect Epic to implement it, as most you most likely get plugin

Knowing virtually nothing about Unreal I do know Java has the JNI, Java Native Interface where C calls are invoked. The workflow would be something like pre-bake the unreal graphical end and then integrate to your java OO structure for display kicking unreal off via a JVM. I imagine it will take some architectural crafting to allow unreal to do the heavy lifting and have java focus on overall internal event management for display decisions and networking.