Japanese Modular Town House Kit

UPDATE April, 30th 2019: Released!

Marketplace: MJH Modular Japanese Town House

I’m preparing a modular kit to build Japanese traditional houses both exteriors and interiors with also props and decorations.
[li]The kit is fully modular and can be assembled using a 10 cm grid;[/li][li]Once assembled can be easily scaled to a more realistic size (like a real tatami size- for example Kyoto size 0.955 m by 1.91 m or Tokyo size 0.88 m by 1.76 m);[/li][li]It can be used as it is (appropriately setting the grid), but it’s also completely prepared to be used with our Modular Snap Plugin for a fast building. All sockets are already added to the meshes;[/li][li]It comes with blueprints and blutilities that allow to easily assemble the house and the furniture, choosing the wood, the type, the size etc.[/li][/ul]Download demo level

[li]Architecture: various parts needed to assemble a house: pillars, beams, walls, floors, roofs, balconies, doors (shoji and fusuma), windows, lattices, tatami, teahouse specific walls and doors, rain gutters, pipes, etc[/li][li]Interior props:[/li][LIST]
[li]Furniture: stairs (both pre-built and modular), tables, low tables, cushions (zabuton), fire place (traditional sunken hearth called irori), owen (kamado), tokonoma, folding screens (byoubu), tradional modular cabinetry (tansu);[/li][li]Lighting: various traditional lamps, placed on floor or hanging;[/li][li]Restaurants and shops props: various counters for bars or shops, shelves, barrels, chairs, tables, dishes, menus, posters, sake bottles, signboards;[/li][li]Curtains: various traditional curtains called noren.[/li][/ul]
[li]Exterior props:[/li][ul]
[li]Roads and bridges, including spline BPs for easy building of roads, torii paths and stone paths in garden;[/li][li]Fences and gates, including torii gates;[/li][li]Lighting: various lanterns, placed and hanging;[/li][li]Decorative and other pieces: fountains, statue base, benches, banners, manhole covers;[/li][/ul]
[li]19 pre-built house examples[/li][/LIST]
More info about this project on my blog and artstation.
There are also a few very detailed tutorials about how to use this pack and a downloadable demo level built with these assets.

Here a few screenshots for the architecture

And a few for the different props

I’ve submitted today the MJH - Modular Japanese Town House pack to Epic for review.
Also, I’ve started a series of tutorials with detailed explanations about the pack; it’s still not completed, but a big part is already done and you can already read it and watch it following the links on this page.

Here also a few more screenshots

While waiting for the review from Epic, working on the playable demo (that will be available soon!), I did some more screenshots.
Enjoy the view