Japanese Garden: UE4 Student Project for the Oculus Rift

Chashitsu was my final bachelor’s degree project that i’ve made for the Oculus Rift DK2 where the only purpose was to relax.
I wanted to learn the pipeline for VR and see if there was a way to make a Zen environment where someone could just put the VR and relaxe in it. (the same way someone would buy a Stress reduction CD)
The simulator had to run to at least 90 FPS (or at least, 15ms) to have a smooth feeling and i was able to achieve this with the help of Nvidia (they send me a 980ti)

The environment have 4 season with a dynamic weather and stress-free sound (water, rain, japanese music, bird and wind sound).

The screenshot were made with VXGI but the Oculus rift’s built is Unreal 4.10.1 stock



The change of seasons is impressive.
It’s good work.^^

Nice work. =)

Thanks, i’ve tried to push realism render to the max without going under 30fps (with vxgi). I really hope Nvidia keep working on it cause it’s amazing the difference between vxgi and non-vxgi!

keep up the good work,my friend :slight_smile:

Merci Laurie :stuck_out_tongue:

so, 980ti cant handle 90fps with vxgi for oculus?

good job 8)