January #uue4jam (Unofficial ue4jam, name tentative)

Countdown: Countdown to Jan 13, 2017 12:00 noon in Savannah
Stream link: Twitch

So, most of you have already heard, but perhaps not, that Epic’s #ue4jams are no longer being held on a monthly basis for a variety of reasons. For those who competed or at least tried to compete on a monthly basis, this is a pretty sad outcome. Epic’s official #ue4jams will be held (until further notice) in March, June, September (Megajam) and finally December.

But, just because Epic is no longer holding it officially, it does not mean the community cannot come together and hold their own during the “off-months”.

At 12:00 PM EST(9:00 AM PST, 5:00 PM GMT) on Friday January 13, 2017, you can tune into: Twitch where I will be announcing the theme for the weekend. Prizes will be announced at the END of the jam before judging.

I will still be streaming all gamejam entries starting at the cut-off time, which we will also change to 12:00PM EST Sunday afternoon. This will be bringing it alongside other traditional game jams and can be good practice for not only those jams, but also the official #ue4jams, because if you can make a great game in 48 hours, you can definitely do it with a bit more time!

Submissions will also be different: Unless I get official word that I can use a sub-forum with mod privs to sticky, all submissions will be via Discord: Discord (you will throw a link to a zipped folder in a channel). Also with Discord we can color coordinate jammers so it is easier to find groups/members also, just join the server.

Judging will be left up to the community. For now, we will have the voters be the gamejam playthrough stream viewers. If this, for whatever reason, doesn’t work out, we will try polling in a future jam.

So what’s new? (Quite a bit)

You now only have 48 hours for the jam.

Time/day start changed to Friday 12PM EST.

Time end changed to Sunday 12PM EST.

Submissions from forums to Discord chat.

Epic judging to community judging.

Participants should join the Discord channel to participate.
We will be keeping the same rules as Epic’s official #ue4jams for now.
Team member limit will also still be 5.
Read “So what’s new.”


I’ll definitely be participating in this, so you have at least one submission :^)

Ill be participating thats for sure.

Yes, more people!

sounds good hopefully will have time to participate

The more the merrier! Definitely need more artists for sure. Lots of programmers looking for teams. Prizes and Special Categories to compete in also.

Man, I’ve been sitting here waiting for the official announce. Oh well, I’ll probably join up for this anyway.

Yeah, I’m sure a lot of devs are not aware of it yet. I’ve been trying to push social media notifications as much as possible without spamming :wink:

Adding the game lists on discord that are up for grab. Such as SOMA, Jackbox Party Pack 2, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, WWE 2K16, The Banner Saga, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (+ DLC), Project CARS and more!

Countdown Timer: Countdown to Jan 13, 2017 12:00 noon in Savannah

Tomorrow’s the day.

January #uue4jam THEME: Goodbye Clone

Not too bad of a showup. 7 submissions with 6 working out of the box. Winner received two free Steam Keys of games of his choice and participants received one each. Don’t miss out next month! You never know what you’ll get!