First jam for ue4. Gonna use this to learn how to do spline meshes and some random generation. Looking to come out of this week with something passable, can’t wait to see how it goes.

good luck@all. cant wait to see the results :slight_smile:

Can I participate with subscription status EXPIRED?

Yes, you don’t need active subscription to participate

Thank you zeOrb, and good luck to everyone!

What is it with Epic and themes about boxes?

We like geometry okay!?

So I’ve got 4 solid days of work but I still want to participate as the last one was fun.

Anyone want to toss out some ideas that might fit the theme, wouldn’t take a ton of resources or time to complete, and they are not going to use for this jam?

Would be nice to see if I can get a simple game sparked out while I am at work so I can participate =)

Question; is it okay to use public domain and/or creative commons 0 (CC0), sound/music assets? Reading the rules it would seem that’s alright, but I just wanted to double check to stay on the safe side.

You could try breaking down the theme into a core concept to use as a seed for an idea. Our team started with the idea of “Repetition and Iteration” for our project. The game will involve doing something which upon completion leads you to circumstances similar to those you started with, with some aspect changed. We worked from there to flesh out an idea and gameplay.

Aint no thang :cool:

I’ll be streaming playthroughs of all submissions starting immediately after the contest deadline as well.

And… bam that helped. I misread the theme when coming back here during a break and had an idea pop up from that. Really simple and basic for the mechanic so hopefully 1 night to get it working then another night to make it look and play well.


I am Game Designer,i am looking for a 3D artist and a Programmer (prefer Blueprint) i will be making a board game(not snakes & ladders) but something different
So anyone who wants to join me,PM me :slight_smile:

I like the theme of this jam, I’m going to try and round up my team and get sometime entered for this one!

Awesome, Count me in !!!

What about gameplay? Its just abit hard to think outside the box when thats what youre given. Im not complaining, just making a suggestion :cool:

I think its more about Epic loves cats, and cats love boxes.

We are actually cats in disguise, you got us

Why is everyone thinking of “back to square one” in a literal sense? Remember this is a colloquialism.