James "Them" Bond Agent 007 New Generation!

James Bond may not define himself as a man or a woman… He will be non-binary to keep up with changing times, say the authors of the series.
That is why the famous pronunciation is not the phrase: “Bond. “James Bond” will sound like “Them” Bond.
The bad guys are surprised by Bond’s new look and are very confused. Still, they expected a macho like Daniel Craig. My idea with the film is to present the new vision of James Bond.

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Hey @nikorusenov73,

Hope you’re doing well!
The zoom in on Bond at the end of the video really shows the effort put into their look. Beautifully done! I also would be embarrassed not to mention that eyebrow raise at around 2:15. Made me giggle. Such a small detail and it really displays Bond’s new personality perfectly. Truly incredible work.

How long did this video take you to develop?

Thanks so much for sharing your work and I hope to see more from you and your eyebrow fabulousness! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm words!
I am an amateur animator. This is my hobby. I make films for fun and to demonstrate that not only professionals can make films!
I make the film in my free time. It only took me 5 days!

Well you’ve done a truly wonderful job. Waiting eagerly for your next film :slight_smile: