Jaguar I-Pace Forest Cinematic

Jaguar I-Pace Forest Cinematic

09-18-2020, 10:15 AM

Hi guys,

i wanna share my first unreal engine car cinematic. Originally coming from Max and Vray i want to improve my realtime skills. Next time i would change the direct light settings and i wood really like to create a real car rig, because the animation in this project was done only in sequencer, furthermore some camera shake. Are there good tutorials for an (easy) car rig?
I used Megascans 3D models and Evermotion trees. The motion blur in the still image was created in Unreal, Photoshop was only used for some color adjustments. I´m happy with the stills quality and the motion blur.
Please feel free to give me me your oppinion and suggestions. I´´m thankfull for any tipps!


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Wow lookin real m8 !