Jagged line on meshes

Hi, I made a simple level for testing in android . In editor it looks really nice. But when i play in real mobile device the edges of lines looks like weird something jagged as shown in the image.

When you zoom in you can see marked places look weird. How do i fix it. I started a blank project with blank level. I don’t know anti-aliasing enabled or not. I have not used post process volume. If i increase my screenpercentage through command it only decreases my fps. please help how to fix it.

I have learnt this forum /index.html[link text][2]

I don’t understand it can anyone give me clear explanation about it.

Hey clockworkocean thanks for your reply. But I don’t want anti aliasing to be always on because it could impact fps and battery drain soon. From this documentation link text

What I learnt is reduce screen percentage and upscale it to higher resolution to get nicer look. I think this could solve my problem. But I don’t know how to upscale it to best fit my phone screen after reducing screen percentage through command. Please tell me what that means and how to do it. Your answer is very important to me as well as others. Thanks clockworkocean.

Sorry, moving out of my area there, but if you change screen %, the screen will stay the same size.

Hey clockworkocean, thanks for your reply. Your answer is correct, in my project settings anti aliasing set to none, when I change it to fxaa it solves my problem. Thanks.

I would check your anti-alias settings in project settings. I’m not sure which ones work on mobile…