Jagged edges

Devices always show jagged edges /ios 8.1.2,7.1.2 ,iPad 2,3, iPhone 4S,5S/ something like 2x zoom whole screen image. Also widget are jagged.
tested on 4.6,4.7.2. - 2D or 3D scalable-High Detail Project setings, Combination = same result.
Where is my mistake.

If you look in your project ‘Config’ directory you should have a ‘DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini’ which is how you set up your different device profiles. If you don’t have one, you can just create one and put it in there. The jaggedness is caused by ‘MobileContentScaleFactor’ which scales down the rendering resolution. It is likely set to 1 (i.e. non-retina) by default. Using full resolution for newer devices is actually a ‘MobileContentScaleFactor’ of 2.

If you wanted to increase the resolution for an iPhone 5S you would add a line like this:

[iPhone5s DeviceProfile]

Hi CaptainScience ,
Thank You very much for the advice, it works !!! :slight_smile: It was exactly it.
if I understand, for non-retina is full resolution ‘MobileContentScaleFactor=1’ ?
Thanks again for your explanation.

Yeah. A scale factor of 1 should be full non-retina resolution, but that will still look pretty pixelated on older iPhones–their resolution is a pretty abysmal 320 x 480.

It’s a bit of quirk in the way Apple handled “Retina” resolutions without breaking all the interfaces for non-Retina apps/devices. The screen coordinates are consistent (in “points”), but Retina devices have a scale factor of 2 for their full pixel resolution. I think the newer iPhone 6 models actually have a scale factor of 3 now, but I haven’t actually used one yet.

Thank you, you’re right. I can not try it too, but I found a nice table.