Jagdpanzers tank game (developped 1 year solo so far)

Hey fellow tanker,

I’ve been working on my own tank game since November 2019. I’m doing this in my free time while working a very different full time job. I’m still looking for other interested people in the genre that would like to build their own tank game. The goal is having a fun tank game you can play with friends. The reason I started it all was the frustration of the p2w and rigged competitors in the tank game genre. The concept is so cool, but their execution is the complete opposite. So I decide to do it better. Here is some impressions as how it looks at the moment:

I have both WW2 era tanks as well as modern vehicles planned, here a modern example:

I have a lot of people interested in it that also contribute with tipps and reviews but as for developping the game in ue4 I’m still all alone. I wanted to challenge me to see how far I could come as I always had to do with games, modelling and programming. I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come in this past year and I will continue even if it takes ages. Any help would of course speed up the development and bring closer the day people can switch the game and finally have fun in the genre again.

I’ve developped most of core aspects of the game with blueprints (there’s room for optimization but it works), namely a completely custom suspension physic (also works for wheeled vehicles), animated and track links, movement system (force based), turret rotation, gun elevation (Also works for non-turreted tanks), recoil and shot effects, engine sounds, camera setup with 3rd person and sniper-mode, started my first landscape based on the battle of the bulge, made my own custom dynamic snow material (also capable of dirt and sand environments), made very basic AI-tanks, hp based damage system, made all of the assets myself (tanks, trees, houses, menus), but there is still a lot to do.

I’m not looking for a specific task to solve, there’s work in every aspect of the game. Sound design, map design, modelling vehicles, making textures, creating a armor penetration model, designing menus and widgets, creating videos with ingame footage and add commentating for youtube videos, generating a game mode and rules, … So there’s sth for everyone if they want. I’ve already got a few people passionately working on the techtree’s to come and I’d be really looking forward to anyone interested in helping out or test and review the different builds over time. You can contact me here, check out our youtube channel or join our discord channel (see video description). Theres already 2 videos with current live ingame footage, hope you enjoy :cool:: Jagdpanzers showcase: Panther G - YouTube