Jack of all trades (Design, Programming, Environment art, UI design, Web development, QA Testing)

Hi! My name is Stefan Geerinckx and I’m a freelance Game Developer. I have a lot of experience from hobbyist projects and working for indie game development teams. I spent 10 years developing all my skills in the area of game development and I am now taking on freelance projects where I can use all of my professional level skills.

Read through my arsenal of tricks and look at my portfolio and contact me for more info if there’s anything you think I can assist you or your team with!

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UE4 Blueprint Programming
I have 2 years full-time experience in programming with blueprints. I can implement gameplay systems or things like options screen. I can also implement User Interfaces and make them work. I have lots of prototype games in different genres laying around where I can take bits of code from to increase development speed.

User Interface Design
I can design Game User Interfaces inside Photoshop. I will create the Photoshop mockup, slice it in small images, import it in UE4 and make it work by blueprint scripting. I will first make a grayscale layout of the design to see which elements need to be in the UI. Then I will come up with 1 or more designs of one screen. Then you choose one design to work out further. I will regularly ask for feedback in the different stages of UI design.

Game Design
Looking for a new project to take on? Got a game idea that you want to be worked out further? Got a game prototype already and need help balancing the game mechanics? I can help with that. I have a keen eye for game design. I can write a full, compact but strong Game Design Document in a matter of hours. I fill the GDD with needed asset lists, images of a possible UI layouts and graphics to explain certain gameplay systems more clearly. I will design individual systems while always keeping in mind how the big picture will turn out and how different gameplay systems will work together.

3D Environment & Props Modelling
Need assets for your game worlds? I can model environment assets and props at high quality and at high speed. I can handle both realistic art styles and hand painted art style. I can create foliage, buildings and various props. I also have some experience in level designing where I do the level setup and lighting, post processing, atmospheric fog etc…

Web Design & Development
Need a website for your company or game? I got you covered. I have a bachelor’s degree in multimedia and communication technology, specialisation web productions. I will design a website with Photoshop, slice it in small usable images, setup the HTML & CSS and code the website with the possibility of various technologies like WordPress, Drupal, PHP or Angular 2. I will make the website responsive (for mobile and tablets) if required, which is recommended to do

QA Testing
I have 2 years work experience as a QA Test Analyst/Engineer for software and websites. The same testing strategies can be used for testing games. I can set up test plans and execute them. I can also coordinate testing within the team. If needed I can also do QA on blueprint code to check for double code, inefficient code, unneeded type casting or check if the code is commented enough etc…

View my portfolio:

If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on or through the contact form on my portfolio website!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Stefan Geerinckx

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