J/K/L playback controls in 4.27 went bad

I’ve always used J/K/L (back/toggle play/forward) for my hotkeys to play my sequencer timelines, but in 4.27 they are wildly different. Seems like they are now speed up/slow down/reverse controls and you must use the space bar to toggle play, it makes it super tedious to make sure you’re playing back forward at 1x speed. Is there a way to set the hotkeys back to what they used to be? Really should be just like any other NLE controls, this is really unintuitive and doesn’t provide much benefit.

if you go to editor preferences, can you not make your own hotkeys? these are from 4.26

It would be better if the defaults matched what most people expect, which is based on NLE controls.

They are still set to the same things in 4.27, they just behave differently. I did change them around though to make things a little better. Instead of L set to Shuttle Forward I changed to Play Forward, and instead of K being Pause I set it to Toggle Play. Nothing better for shuttle backwards yet though, and it still messes with the playback speed. Better than nothing, but not a total fix yet.

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You guys are right. There some unintended changes here. We’re working to correct that for the 4.27 hotfix.

  • L should play forward at the initial speed (1). Pressing L again will increase the speed (ie. if the sequence is already playing, pressing L will increase the speed)
  • K will pause/stop and reset the playback speed so that pressing L again will play forward at the initial speed.

Thanks Max!