IWYU and C++ tutorials

With 4.16 the C++ header includes changed to the Include What You Use system. I am currently trying to re-acquaint with C++ and it appears that the tutorials have not been updated to reflect these changes or have a notice to let people know they are out of date.

When attempting to stitch the tutorial code back together its also difficult to find the include path for the things you need. For example in the pawn tutorial you need to use ConstructorHelpers, but it wont compile without a specific include file which isnt listed anywhere in the documentation like other functions. I had to dig around on reddit to find the necessary “Runtime/CoreUObject/Public/UObject/ConstructorHelpers.h” path.

Is there a plan to update the documentation / tutorials? A notice up top to let people know they only work with specific version would be nice. Is there separate documentation i should be looking at to find the header files i need? I have seen people say drop back to older versions, but shouldnt people be learning the new standard? Is there a way in the new versions to use the monolith include headers i havent seen?

The header locations are found in the API reference, the homepage for which is here: Unreal Engine API Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

For example, for ConstructorHelpers, see here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/API/Runtime/CoreUObject/UObject/ConstructorHelpers/index.html. It shows the include path near the bottom of the page.

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t really recommend trying to ‘browse’ this reference as it’s not very well laid out - I find it best to directly search for whatever I’m looking for.

Thats the kind of reference i was looking for thanks. Searching for ConstructorHelpers just kept bringing up high level, general articles about it or the tutorial i was trying to patch up. At least that answers part of my woes