IVirtualKeyboardEntry on iOS misses cancel

I’m getting OnUserMovedFocus when I hit cancel on the popup dialog.

My bad, the cancel notification is in my code there is nothing at unreal’s side. As a third party (non slate) user it would be nice to have a cancel notification through the keyboard - it would be called here in IOSPlatformTextField.cpp:

UIAlertAction* cancelAction = [UIAlertAction
										actionWithTitle: NSLocalizedString(@"Cancel", nil)
										handler:^(UIAlertAction* action)
											[AlertController dismissViewControllerAnimated : YES completion : nil];

											FIOSAsyncTask* AsyncTask = [[FIOSAsyncTask alloc] init];
											AsyncTask.GameThreadCallback = ^ bool(void)
												// clear the TextWidget
												TextWidget = nullptr;
												return true;
											[AsyncTask FinishedTask];